Saturday, April 21, 2018


Sadly the publishers who took on my book 'THE MAKING OF A SHALLOW SISTER', and who also wanted to take on the series of books (7 more) went bust. (Hopefully nothing to do with me). I now have all rights returned and am looking for a publisher. If any of you wish to read the book (for personal entertainment or otherwise) please get in touch and I will send you an e-copy.

Thursday, March 22, 2018



You’ve had a bust-up and you don’t know where to begin again, your heart is broken, the future looks bleak?

In case you haven’t yet, read this first:

Once you have pulled yourself out of speed mourning (using the tools to help you move on) you must begin to date yourself. No, I don’t mean go out on a date with someone. I mean date yourself. Do something for yourself. Join a yoga class (that’ll help with rage), go to an art gallery alone and exercise your mind by giving your own interpretation to what you see (especially if it’s modern art), take a book to a cafĂ© (not a weepie though). Have dinner out. I won’t lie and say the beginnings aren’t hard. You will feel unease as you eat alone wondering if others feel sorry for you. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t but maybe they are envious that you find your own company enough. However, once your new habit has set in you will find someone you like in yourself and that your own company is enough. Good enough that you are ready to let someone else join you. But the main reason for spending time alone (not sitting at home binge eating and watching re-runs) is to heal your heart so you aren’t vulnerable when the sharks circle. You are that injured fish, struggling in deep water. Men, like sharks (nay are sharks) smell your blood, surround you and, rather than mend you they will feast on you. You cannot hope to have a new healthy relationship if you are injured and until that happens you will attract men who pry on your vulnerability. So mend this broken heart before it is torn to shreds.

Your healing can take anywhere from 3 months to eternity, because it depends upon you and how hard you work to get that heart in shape. We all know it only takes 6 weeks of intensive training to get a six-pack (be it under fat or skin - they are still abs). So, the harder you work the faster that heart will heal. If in 3 months you are smiling and dating again it won’t be an indication that you did not love deeply but a sign of survival and love for yourself. 

Monday, March 19, 2018


THE INNER CIRCLE MISSIVES: A SHALLOW SISTER'S DATING WORKSHOP - SIZE VII: A SHALLOW SISTER’S DATING WORKSHOP – PENIS SIZE VII We no longer need   (a) go in clueless (b) do a quick recce (c) ask directly, to...



We no longer need  (a) go in clueless (b) do a quick recce (c) ask directly, to learn penis size.

About two years ago I stumbled upon this discovery as being a fail-safe method to find out penis size. I kept from publishing the findings until I had done more research than my usual 15 minutes on Google. I have now told dozens of men their penis size merely by checking the different length of their fingers; these gentlemen gallantly confirmed my findings. I have also asked dozens of women to check their partners and come back to me with their findings and all have affirmed: I’m on to something. As yet I cannot give you exact measurements (in inches or centimeters) but I can tell you if the man is ‘average’, ‘above average’ or ‘below average’. I cannot guess at a ‘monster dick’ or a ‘micro’, but given government funding and a staff of 4, I’m sure, within a year, I could publish in The Lancet.

So, how do you work this out? As per the picture above: If the index finger is longer than the ring finger best ask for the bill and dump the date for he is below average. If the ring finger is longer than the index finger then I hope you brought extra large condoms with you.

I grant you it is not easy to work a method of discovery on a date. Hands have an uncanny way of not staying still, neither straight. They can deceive you by curling just one finger slightly. You will also look weird as you watch his hands fly around as he tells you a story. I suggest you bring your conversation to the topic of nails. Ask to see his, hold his hands in yours, comment on how beautifully manicured they are. Tell him how rare it is to find a man with such well-kept hands, then scoot off if they don’t come up to scratch.

Perhaps he bites his nails or are a little worn from manual work? I suggest you tell him you can read palms. You can’t? Don’t worry, make shit up, it’s all in a future he hasn’t lived yet, so who knows if you’ll be right. If you need to give your bullshit gravitas, press into his fleshy palms and tell him he is sensitive, hurt by love even, generous to those he cares for, adores opulence and luxury (I mean who doesn’t). Every man thinks he is all of these things, and better yet, he will strive to be these things since he wishes to live up to your belief in him. And while you read his palms you might actually see into his future - as to whether you are willing to shag him or not!


Saturday, March 17, 2018



Am I godless? Yes. Have I ever committed any serious crime? No.
Therefore I do not need the rules of religion to keep me ‘in check’.

I am not against God parse. I am against organized religion, and an anarchist when forced to think a certain way when there is no evidence of truth. I am against anything that pretends to give you guidance (through brainwashing) but in fact works to subjugate and lower your self-esteem.  According to the major religions (let’s look at Catholicism (I’m firing arrows there because I don’t wish other strains to aim actual arrows at me)). It seems I am allowed to make mistakes and take the blame for them. I am allowed to ask my God for guidance and if I misinterpret them, it is of course my fault. But when I do well I have to give that praise to the higher power! And so there is no approval I can heap upon myself to balance the worthlessness I feel for my mistakes. If God is behind all that is good, why then does he choose not to make sure everything I do is always good?

A doctor who saves a person is given little acclaim in the religious world because God was behind the healing. The same God who caused the accident/illness in the first place? The surgeon is not allowed to take credit for his years of study, for the science that went behind his learning, for his skill even. No, God gets another sticker on the star chart; but should the surgeon (long hours working, problems at home, student loan to pay off) make a mistake and lose the patient then it is his fault and not God’s wish to take the life.

We fear a life without God because we fear loneliness. We think that being alone is the worst state to exist in, but it is not. The worst is to fear. For many he is here for us in times of crisis and sadness (forgetting he probably caused the situation in the first place). We are afraid to take responsibility for our lives and so entrust ourselves to books about the Man in the Sky. Books (incidentally) written by man and not God (can he not write?) And yes I know you believe he channels this through others who do his bidding, but why not do it himself? Put the mystery to rest and actually appear, like he did in the old days? (Genesis 12.7, Genesis 26.1, Exodus 1.10 (ok here he appeared in a cloud), Numbers 14.10, 1 Samuel 3.21). Since then we’ve only seen him in clouds, a piece of toast and the backside of a dog. Why now all the smoke and mirrors?

The Gods of past times no longer exist because they have no followers: Canaanites, Antenists, Tengriists to name just 3 sects moved on. And what of those famous Greek and Roman deities? Anyone still building a temple to Athena? Why would you, she doesn’t exist. And the few, who follow ancient rites and gods, are they mad? Are we sane in who we worship because our numbers are in the millions?

Some religions have evolved a little in the sense that now the Catholics no longer admit that God created the world in 7 days. Science has proved that (apart from having discovered the God particle, which frankly should have put all religion to bed, once and for all). Religion has accepted the old testament is a little outdated, (given the violence and sexual crime therein), they have even accepted that God is an essence and a powerful force and that the bible may contain a few inaccuracies that free thinking people have found and pointed out (again and again).  But all said, is there a higher power? No. There is energy. It does not have empathy for you or I, it does not have a moral compass, and it is not exclusive. It exists; it is the structure that shows magic exists (I refuse to label it either white or black since energy has no discerning choice). It is the vibrations that create contact with others and the ebb and flow that makes those who follow the craft of ‘the secret’, materialize what they want. It is also the force that explains some of the unexplainable (magic, voodoo, ghosts, poltergeist activity etc.).

It is not God who makes man but man who makes God. We have given ourselves an imaginary friend so we don’t need to play alone. Only others have taken our imaginary friend and made him the ruler of us, rather than our companion. And if you fight with yourself on the thought of a life based on fact and logic I still give you spirituality. That exists. The understanding of esoteric mysticism is still in its infancy, which does not make it God.

Friday, December 29, 2017



Traditions can be nice but they can also stunt our growth.

A society that doesn’t look critically at its traditions with a view to updating them is in danger of perpetuating misogyny, racism and violence.

What are we teaching our children, and affirming to ourselves when we celebrate an invasion of someone else’s land? Strength, Force, Violence?

Some celebrate The Spanish annihilation of the Incas on Columbus Day. Are we misguidedly honouring an explorer’s venture into New Lands?
New Americans honour their forefathers with Thanksgiving - these same settlers who drove the Native Americans from their lands to reservations (not before a good dose of genocide). Are we admiring Bullying?
The Ottomans conquered Constantinople, and celebrations for this act of murder and theft takes place every year.
What does the above teach our children? That it’s all right to take what is not ours by force?  How different is this from then assuming possession of an item when stolen?  Apparently, the one who dares (and has the cunning) is acclaimed for it. How can we possibly reward this by accepting those who take what is not theirs, especially when history does not denote the possibility of previous ownership?

What of Bastille Day in France? - The ending of tyranny. I’m all for that one. Long may that party continue. It represents the power of the small people. It represents freedom. We should celebrate that.

What of family traditions? In some emancipated countries where women are seen as equal to men, tradition views it differently. During the engagement procedures in Turkey (a western secular democracy) the men and women sit separately. The men discuss if the marriage is acceptable to both parties, whilst the women wait. Once agreed upon the women set to work in the kitchen preparing food for all to enjoy. The bride-to-be must carry a tray of coffee to offer to the men. As this is going on children run around watching and learning where they belong in society: (as a male) the decision maker, (as a female)  the server?

It is certainly time to end tradition linked to superstition. A menstruating girl in Nepal is banished from the household until she stops bleeding. During that time: should she touch a cow, it is believed the animal will stop giving milk. Hard enough dealing with a period without the stigma of ‘unclean’ and ‘blame’ attached. How is that still acceptable in the real world?

How is any of the above (and the many others I have not documented here) still ‘a thing’? It’s up to us to look at each of our traditions, analyze them and decide what they teach our young and if they work towards acceptance and equality for all. Surely, with an update on tradition, the next generation would be kinder. We would not then need to rewire our young, whose mindset we have poisoned by believing our traditions are quaint and harmless.