Thursday, March 09, 2017


The man has a big dick. You are doing the happy dance. Before you get to the pas de deux: stop. Think. Understand. The man with an above average penis is more likely to cheat! Why?

Here’s why.

From an early age he knows he’s blessed. He’s heard it in the playground. He’s seen it in the urinals. He’s read it in magazines. He’s watched it on the Internet. He knows that his lovemaking skills may disappoint but his penis won’t. He soon realises that with some learned skills a woman will sigh after sex and say, ‘That’s the best fuck I’ve ever had’.

He doesn’t have to contend with any fears he has when naked. If he’s overweight, too thin, too short - it won’t matter. Soon all insecurities are dwarfed by the size of his cock. It gives him a confidence that is just there. He’s born with it.

Like most of us he wants to be liked, nay loved.  He wants to feel the power when he’s pleased his partner. He gets high on the high marks he receives in the sack.  Again and again he wants to prove his worth to women. Not only to make his partner satisfied, but to elevate himself. We all want praise for a job well done and a man with a big cock and some skills will get that, time and time again.

If he is accomplished in other fields in life then he could also get his kicks that way, in which case his serpent might just stay in his pants for you. But if his dick is all he’s got, you can hardly blame him for utilising it?

Historically we know that well endowed men are from parts of the African continent. We know they are not a faithful lot. South America also hosts some well-hung humdingers and again we know (from trash TV) that they are not a faithful lot either.

To confirm these findings I gathered a group of friends whose experiences are extensive and we all confirmed that our personal cheating lovers were linked to penis size.

On a deeper level (and you know we don’t often go deep) men like thrills. The high of pleasuring a lover combined with the danger of cheating keeps that dick searching for new territory. Before you dump the lovely snake in the pants with the belief that you are not enough for him. Stop. Understand. It’s nothing to do with you. He needs constant affirmation that he’s good at something, because the only little thing about him: that little boy inside, believes he has no other worth.

Like so many beautiful things in life poison lives nearby- a rose with thorns. Give up the rose and you avoid the prick. Keep the rose and there is a chance you’ll get pricked.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


THE INNER CIRCLE MISSIVES: THE COST OF DRUGS: A SHALLOW SISTER’S TAKE: THE COST OF DRUGS: A SHALLOW SISTER’S TAKE An AA member (who likes to keep her finger on the pulse of her past vice) passed on a stu...


THE INNER CIRCLE MISSIVES: TRUMP - A SHALLOW SISTER TAKE: TRUMP   - A SHALLOW SISTER’S TAKE We all know what Trump is, or maybe only the sane do? So let’s look at another aspect of The Presi...

An AA member (who likes to keep her finger on the pulse of her past vice) passed on a study to me: ‘where is the best place to indulge in your drug vice?’ (However, it was not titled thus). So, inspired by the article I researched where the cheapest high is? This took about 15 minutes on Google (avoiding years of research on grants). And so fellow hedonists, here is where to go and where not to, for your next frivolous fun:

New Zealand is out for the cocaine-snorting crowd. Its location makes the smuggling of it, and just about every drug, rather difficult. Not just the distance, there is also tight border control. Hence your gram of coke for a night on the tiles will cost you almost as much as your flight there.

Australia is also out for the above reasons; although I’m surprised someone isn’t growing it somewhere on that vast continent. A further two minutes on Google revealed that in the 1920’s Java in Indonesia was the world’s main manufacturer of the coca plant and was doing better business than South America. The Dutch pulled up some plants from the Americas and replanted them in their colony. However, a mere 5 years later the (spoilsport) Geneva Convention came along and it was all over. Further 2 minutes goggling and I discovered that coca plants are not so easy to grow. A south-facing window box is not enough (I shall dismantle mine). The coca plant likes the high Andes temperature and humidity. It also takes a PHD in chemistry and a massive yield to get the contents of a nightclub high. However, Australia you have a shrub called Erythroxylum australe, which contains an alkaloid similar to cocaine. With high demand in Sydney’s party scene you’d think there might be a few bushes in the bush? Your cheapest Coke high is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, less than $2 per gram. Almost worth the plane ticket!

Naturally Geography plays a big part in the cost of drugs available, for example: in Afghanistan (where the opium poppy resides) you can buy a gram for 10 cents. So if opium’s your thing, Pakistan, Iran or the Sudan might be a good location for your next winter break.

The mighty weed differs enormously in price when travelling, mostly on whether you are a tourist or a local. In most parts of Africa, South America and the Caribbean you can get a spliff for less than a postcard. In the UAE you might have to bring your own if you can’t afford the $110 per gram price. I also (wisely) took into account the cost of the high against the cost of incarceration. We know in Thailand you can get those (pretty awesome) Thai sticks, but if you are caught with them the price rises as you spend 20 to life dodging the death penalty.

My study does not include man-made drugs. I’m old school and therefore am wary of anything nature hasn’t given us that we can tweak. I’m also not including the mother of them all (heroin) because if you are looking for this then you are addicted and probably can’t afford to fly out somewhere to get it and must rely on what you can forage for on the streets of your hometown (or wherever you ended up being stupid enough to think ‘I’ll just give it a quick go for the fun of it’). Addiction is never fun.

The cost of drugs on you? I have a friend who tells me, ‘I don’t remember two years of my life, but I do know I had a good time’.

So, be wise, choose informatively, party with knowledge and don’t get caught by the police nor the drug.

Friday, January 13, 2017



We all know what Trump is, or maybe only the sane do? So let’s look at another aspect of The President of the United States of America (how the keys on my keyboard stuck when typing that out).

Trump, unusually is a Gemini; I say unusual because Geminians are not known for elevating themselves to such positions of power. Why? Because Geminians have so many skeletons in so many closets; they are, after all, two people embodied into one. Let’s look briefly at 2 past Geminian presidents: J.F.K (he needed a wardrobe). G.W.H Bush (tried to run into the his own closet). The main problem with the twins is that they don’t speak to each other so they don’t know what each one has said or done - hence Trump’s continual contradictions and the swinging back and forth. Finally one twin takes hold (usually the saner one) and dampens down the other to find a compromise. Geminians are also chatty, hence his inability to keep his trap shut when needed. Trump, also does not have a large vocabulary, which makes what he says all the more tedious (and stupid).

According to sources (as apparently he has not released his birth certificate) he has Sagittarius in his Moon. Sag and Gem are on opposites of the chart, which means …. drum roll….. lunar eclipse. Yes Trump’s lunar madness is confirmed. What does it all mean? The Moon holds the emotions and when hidden from the solar light (in an eclipse) they intensify. All it needs is a confrontation and insanity pours out. 

His rising sign is Taurus: the ‘I’m always right’, control freak of the star world.

Are you wondering where Leo is? The big-head of the horoscope is there, right next to Mars. Mars is the war-mongering planet. Put it with Aries and you get a warrior not afraid to head a battle and die for it. But Leo is all ego. Put that with Mars and you have a finger poised above the nuclear button. Don’t want to scare you guys but we have a nutter at the head of the free world. Leo placed correctly (as in the case of Obama) projects the best traits: an innovator of admirable works. But when Leo goes bad - it’s not good.

Now let’s look at the other shit aligned with Trump - Uranus. Had to be really since he’s so full of himself. Uranus is a pain in so many ways. Uranians don’t follow anyone’s lead but their own. So with the hot air of Leo and the movement of Uranus, who knows what’s coming out!

The dark side steers this rocket and with no earth signs to ground him he is an electrical storm looking for an earth, which he will never find.

So to conclude: Trump is a Gemini (schizophrenic) born during a Lunar eclipse (the dark side), Moon in Sagittarius (intensified uncouth and blunt), Taurus rising (dictator tendencies), Leo in Mars (Egomaniac - let’s go to war), planet Uranus (arsehole), no earth signs (spinning in space).

Tuesday, December 29, 2015



‘Just a cheat’, makes it sounds more preferable to a sex addict. Both suck (so to speak). Both are quite similar and so it is hard to differentiate between them. Plus there are degrees thereof. Your man may not fit all bullet points but he may well be one or the other. However, do not be confused with someone who has a high sex drive. He could just like having sex a lot!

Before getting serious with him find out about his history. If he’s cheated before, he will cheat on you. However, he could lie about his past, in which case you might find yourself heavily embroiled with one and are now asking this question.

Let us begin with the Cheater:

We presume he’s not an all out sociopath or narcissist - just your honest to goodness cheating arsehole. You will ask yourself the following questions:

Am I not enough for him?
Ans: No one is ever enough.

Why does he cheat?
Ans: Because he can.

-He is often insecure (not about sex, but about his value outside of sex).
-You are probably a strong, competent woman (which is why he loves you), but who daily disempowers him. Having sex with others gives him momentary power. He might even enjoy this form of secret one-up-manship on you!
-The cheater is self-indulgent. He’s a hedonist. He’s manipulative and an opportunist. -It’s a game for him more than a desperate need.
- It’s a challenge to see if they can get away with it. Cheaters need variety in their life - the thrill of another conquest. The complexities of lies he has to come up with, the risk of discovery, the euphoria of getting away with it is what drives him and not necessarily about dipping his wick.
-He gravitates towards women who adore him. Adores to be adored.
-He’s often a public flirt (not always as he may have perfected the act of hiding this from you). He thinks if he flirts in front of you, you will assume he has nothing more to hide.

Warning points:
If you found yourself a full on narcissist then you are in more trouble than you thought. He’s just going to be banging whatever opportunity comes his way. He is a liar. He can swing separate lives. He has only self-interest.

If you got yourself a sociopath then you are in serious trouble (and I mean serious). He has made a study of people and behaviour. He can fake everything (except an orgasm probably), concern, empathy, guilt, remorse, belief. He feels nothing: not your pain, not your fear. He can watch you cry and he can mimic all the right expressions and words until you forgive him. He is an actor.

Cheaters are often jealous. Listen to what they accuse you of (even in a joke). They are projecting whatever they are up to, i.e. ‘who were you having sex with last night when you didn’t answer my call LOL?’
Meaning: ‘I sometimes don’t answer you because I’m banging someone’.

They always want more of everything: love, desire, admiration. What you can give them is not enough.

They are often emotionally dependent upon you, which give you the false impression that they would never cheat because they need you. But they are filled with self-doubt so they seek admiration and desire from others.

Can he stop? Yes, if he decides to and probably out of self-interest rather than you banging on about this destructive behaviour.

Now for the very complex and multi-facetted sex addict:

-He is in denial. I know it’s hard to imagine that he can deny to himself that he has his dick in another woman and is not being unfaithful. But the psychologists tell me this is the case. He does know he’s having sex with someone but in some incredibly complex (and I don’t understand) way he is not a cheater per se. It is a compulsion he has to act upon (much like the need to pee, eat, admire cars).
- It’s likely he has other sexual addictions - Internet sex, sexting, porn.
- It’s likely he has other addictions- smoking, drugs, drink.
- Sex is a drug. He needs it to sate himself. He cannot control his urge.
(Incase you are wondering if sex is his motivation, the answer is scarier: He needs constant affirmation he is desired and wanted. He has a deep-seated hunger for validation).
- He flirts continually. He sees women only in a sexual way. He sizes them up sexually before deciding which compartment he would put them in. He thinks about sex a lot, innuendoes trip off his well-used tongue.
-He is not completely in touch with consequences and therefore does not see the destruction of his sexual acts.
- His behaviour can escalate and often does. He can puts sex before everything else: you, family, work, the law.
- Sex is used to deal with other stressful situations. When anything becomes too burdensome, sex becomes the answer.

Can he be tamed?
Apparently, yes: Anti-depressant drugs are often used to stem urges.

In my research of the above there were moments I had to question my own behaviour. This then brought me to the realization that to catagorise everyone so neatly into this package is unfair on each individual. We need to take into account other aspects of an individual  (where they are from, their culture, their astrological sign, their Chinese animal sign, parents, history etc.)

Or am I in denial?

Monday, October 19, 2015


-When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right – Victor Hugo.


Where do bad leaders go? To a rubble heap, erased from history to live only in historical writings as a warning to others? The good in us takes comfort in this knowledge, but until the bad man is taken down men must die.

Do bad men begin with good intensions? Does rule corrupt the pocket and the mind? Hitler rose to power when a destroyed Germany needed him. He was their saviour – their hope – their promise of a bright future. I would say many never realised what he would become, otherwise surely someone would have stopped him in his tracks; but then I believe there is more good in the world than there is bad. Good is not always a strong monitor of evil because good believes there is good in evil men. And when good understand its mistake the struggle to remove evil is often hard and protracted.

Stalin? Trotsky saw the evil in him. Trotsky was exiled and executed by Stalin. A good man down; and other good men allowed Stalin to continue his reign of terror because of fear for themselves. Fear divides good men until fear loses its power. Only then good men rise like zombies from their shattered dreams.

In this world today, we have many evil men creating chaos in all forms – war, and in supposed peace. Good men have a chance of turning a place from the brink of war or civil war by taking power from an evil man at peacetime. We do this at the ballot box and when the ballot is corrupt, then we use internal and external pressure, and when that fails, then we use force, or we sit it out. God forbid we should fear enough to sit it out!

At least we know when bad men fall (and they always do) their identity is not revered; their wealth, their palaces, their titles are removed; their name slots under the title of ‘dictator’, ‘despot’, ‘murderer’. Statues raised in their honour are raised to the ground in their shame. Buildings/towns/streets that once carried their name are renamed. (Although I still hold fast that Leningrad should never have reverted to its original. Lenin saved the people with his Marxist ideals from rulers who believed they were untouchable).

And so despots of today understand this: you will be remembered in history but infamously. Your statue will fall, your palace will burn, your family will run. And good men will rise to rebuild what you took.

-Dictatorship arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated forms of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty – Plato.

-Sometimes I think that a parody of democracy could be more dangerous than a blatant dictatorship, because that gives people an opportunity to avoid doing anything about it – Aung Sang Suu Kyi.

-An intellectual’s weapon is writing, but sometimes people react as if it were a firearm. A writer can do a lot to change the situation, but as far as I know, no dictatorship has fallen because of a sonnet - Mario Benedetti.