Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Dear Inner Circle,


Even Shallow Sisters get scared especially when they have just been born.  I got scared, for a while at least.  I avoided the Grand Bazaar and then realized he must have forgotten all about me and got on with making my life as boring as I possibly could.  Then my cousin came out on a stopover and needed to go shopping.
Yes, I had thought of him endlessly and saw the opportunity to check him out one more time in the safety of my cousin’s presence. 

The moment he saw me he grabbed my arm.
‘Where have you been?  I’ve been waiting for you?’
Frankly I was stunned.  That is how low my confidence had gone.  I mean why would I be memorable to anyone?  Especially a badboy whose very business puts him in contact with many many hungry women everyday.
I tried to tell him that he had mistaken me for someone else since I still couldn’t quite believe that he would remember me.
He pushed me in front of the mirror and said ‘Look.  That is the face I’ve been waiting for.  Don’t disappear again’.
My cousin was, frankly shocked.  Well about as frankly shocked as I was.  I left there shaking, not with nerves, but desire.
‘Who is he?’ she wanted to know.
‘He is someone I will so fuck.’
She laughed loudly and said ‘You are so funny.’
I realized that my statement wasn’t actually bravado but a very real possibility.

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