Friday, January 21, 2011


Things do happen to me, perhaps more dramatically than they do to others.  Maybe it is some unseen vibe that is played that attracts certain dangerous types to me.  Meetings are rarely normal, relationships certainly never are and initiations are always tumultuous.  In the end I would not have it any other way.  I have gone for more staid relationships in the past, something that looked genuinely ‘safe’, if there be such a thing and certainly not in any long term way.  However, I find myself in positions that put the person I am with in danger of being hurt by my actions.  Presumably it is a defence against boredom that prevents me from also being staid and safe.  However, present me with someone wild and dangerous and I become that staid and safe person I wish to be.  Since I am a natural extremist I presume I cannot manage balance very well and since I don’t wish to hurt and send some ‘safe’ guy into a lifetime of therapy I attract ‘bad boys’.

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