Saturday, March 19, 2011


To shave or not to shave?
To wax or not to subject yourself to horrendous pain?

That is this workshop’s question. 

Actually I already have the answer to it so it’s not really a workshop where we will come to an agreed magnanimous conclusion. However, we could discuss whether to use razor blades or hot wax. Like all things I’m shallow and in pain I am as shallow as they get. Since I don’t have to shove my face against my own twat I opt for the painless option of shaving.

I should also point out that I also like my men shaved. Why? It’s the difference between eating and feasting.

Let’s face it when you have hair hazards cautionary methods have to be taken. You can’t just go in there, mouth extended fully with gusto. If you do so, the likelihood of getting a pube at the back of your throat is high thereby taking away from the passion of the moment as you retch, or if you’ve managed not to do that then picking the said stray pube from the back of your throat and if you didn’t retch before you will now.
If you think feasting can begin once you have removed the offending hair, think again.  At any time…yes anytime…another one can be dislodged and it’s time to gag again.

Do you really want your man (having persuaded him to (possibly against his better judgment) go down on you) to start picking at his teeth and spitting out stray pubes. It just may be the night you begin to moult. This could put the man off for life and you owe it to all the females of the world to keep him as a diver. Plus, with shaving there is also the added bonus of being able to keep your man guessing if you really are a natural blonde, brunette or redhead.

I won’t bother to go into the advantages and disadvantages of waxing except to say that it hurts when you remove a plaster so why did you think having hot wax poured on your sensitive areas, then ripped off is going to be an okay experience?
Into pain? Then I’d say you are a candidate for this method.  Except you have to wait for re-growth before repeating the process thereby putting yourself in danger of maulting.

In conclusion.  If you want your man to feast upon you. Enjoying a hair hazard free zone then there is only one conclusion to reach for – the shaver!

Likewise, men reading this. You now have two places on your body you should tidy up every morning if you would like to know the difference between the meal and the feast.

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