Sunday, April 24, 2011



Why do you think we are shallow?  What would propel someone to choose to be shallow?  O.K. some of us were just born shallow and they are the lucky few.   Some of us have learned to become shallow to avoid emotional contact, emotional pain, emotional commitment, emotions of any kind other than ‘I love that dress, I just have to have it!’

Yes, Shallow Sisters can and sadly do, fall in love.  Sometimes their guard drops.  If you were wondering if it was easy keeping a guard up, then you need to talk to a Shallow Sister who was not born thus.  Guards are like walls, in that you need to build one, but unlike walls they don’t remain steadfast and impenetrable without a great deal of upkeep.  Guards not only need re-pointing on a daily basis they also need propping up.  Thus it is way too easy (for a moment) to rest the guard-a-tor (which requires every cell of a Shallow Sister’s body).  It is then for a moment when the guard it down that someone gets in. 

What kind of Man can win the wizened heart of a Shallow Sister?

Is there such a man?  Hence the fact that most Shallow Sisters are somewhat negligent at guard guarding.  After all it takes someone of immense ability and experience to sneak past Cerberus.

And yes, there is such a man.  Sadly this Shallow Sister not only found one but also she went to the toilet having forgotten to check the guard-a-tor was in place. 

Is he this Shallow Sister’s usual meal?            No.

He is not young, he is not Adonis like.  But to this Shallow Sister he is young and he is her Adonis.  He is the one that makes all those other Adonis’ fade into oblivion.  Even the Paragon.  Yes, even the Paragon.
We know the Paragon has touched this Shallow Sister’s heart, her body, her soul even, but not with the depth, not with the hunger, not with this need, not thus far thought possible.
He is not even someone she knows in the biblical sense, except that she knows when it happens planets will collide.
He is not even available. (Is that the attraction?  No that is the frustration).

So who is he? 
Who is this man that has erased every line this Shallow Sister has ever placed down?
He is the flip side of her.  He has poured emotion of such vintage and high standing for her.  He has tempted her to taste its fine bouquet and feel the heat of it travel deep inside her.  He has allowed her to savour and crave its taste, it’s fullness, it’s headiness and she is left desperate for more.  Wondering her days like a heroin addict looking for her next fix, beside herself with longing and impatience.  He has dressed his potion with words from the Romantics, teasing her into letting go of the guard, a sip at a time.

Is this a game for him?  It was for both of them.  In the beginning.
Does this Adonis want her?  She has no doubt that he does.
Does this Adonis hunger for her in the same way?  She has no doubt that he does.

And what now?
The bottle is not in this Shallow Sister’s grasp.
Her empty glass is.
And should this Adonis not top up her glass?  What then?

It will be time to buy another tube of Anusol, this one’s nearly finished.

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