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Spirituality?  What is this?  Other than what I happens when I smoke a spliff.  Have incredibly good sex or when I talk to God down the great white telephone after drinking way too much ‘spirit’.

I can be flippant here and in fact I think I will be.  Spirituality is something we look to when we need answers to the complex issues that life presents us.  Hey depth in this shallowness.

OK, those that know me also know that I am psychic, have seen spirits other than Johnny Walker, have dipped a toe into the black arts, have every known medium to understanding the future and know how to use this.  Has it helped?  Other than make me more cynical?  No.  It has, however, made me more interesting which is what I think people who wish to play within the pentagon want. 

I had forgotten the channeling skills I once possessed as a teenager.  All that burning sexual energy that had no where to go but to mysticism, allowed me to be momentary possessed by an energy that was not my own.  The person that took over my body when I invited her was everything I wished to be.  She was strong, she was insightful and she was fearless.  She was also my party trick.  I could impress other such pubescent teenagers that I was a prophet of a sort.  Boys just shat themselves.  No boy at that age wanted a girlfriend who was clearly nuts.  I tamed down these energies because at the end of the day I needed to get laid. 

Yesterday evening I was invited to a channeling.  The man spoke about things that did not surprise me other than ‘why hadn’t I thought of using my abilities to earn money.’  He was right in the belief that everyone can be ‘mystic’, (smoke a spliff and you won’t be far off being that).  And then he explained channeling before going into his trance by saying that someone or several someones he works with enters his body and speaks of truths to strangers.  The first person to enter his body sounded not far off a red Indian warrior, which I’m sure will not surprise you as he was American.  Don’t all good American mystics have one of those in their cupboards (guilt perchance for ancestors that had killed them off?)?  The second tried to crack a couple of lame jokes.  It was the third that had me incredulous of his theatrical performance.  She was Cassandra.

Who is Cassandra?
History Lesson:  She was a fabled (and the clue here is the word fabled) princess and priestess of Troy.  Her beauty had Apollo (the God of the sun) so in love with her he gave her the gift of prophesy and when she refused to sleep with this ‘god’ he added to her gift the frustration that no one would ever believe her.  In The Iliad she is said to have prophesized the fall of Troy, the Trojan horse and her own demise.  In short, readers, Cassandra is a myth.  Why did this man think that he could get away with channeling someone who had never existed and if she had she certainly was not the Cassandra portrayed by Homer, which is how he chose to project her.

He then walked around the room connecting with people and giving them pearls of wisdom, i.e. ‘write that book you’ve always promised yourself you would.’  ‘You don’t need to a man to have love.’  His audience was enraptured. He stopped at me and said ‘You are a healer.  I hope you like snakes as the man who works through you uses snakes to heal.  He has a name.  It is two snake.’

As I wrote before, I am psychic often confused by others as being psychotic and know that the only ‘energy’ beside me is not a man called two snake unless he could have been referring to the men I’ve dated as there have been a few snakes in that lot and certainly all of them had a snake of sorts in their pants.

On a bad roll he stopped at this young girl I know well.  ‘You need to stop reading.  You need to close those academic books and novels and start to live your own life.  You need to go out and experience the world.’ 

The last book this girl had picked up was one off the floor!  Of all the people I know this is the only one who does not like books in any form and avoids them, as would a vampire to a crucifix.

This evening I had drinks with the channeler.  I remain skeptical of his abilities but as a person he was amusing and good company.  Swayed somewhat by his entertaining personality I will not be so unkind as to call him a fraud.  Swayed also by my own past experiences with energy and even forms (when not on something hallucinogenic) I would have to say that perhaps there is some truth in what he does.  But for this Shallow Sister I know the only spirit to enter my body is one I can drink.

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