Tuesday, May 10, 2011


In and around the four thousand shops in the oldest shopping Mall in Turkey awaits your weekend date. 
It is shopping at it’s best.  Accessories to go with that ‘little black dress’; trinkets to barter for; coloured candle holders for atmosphere and men.  Lots of men.  Ages differing from 15 to 50.  However, I’d recommend somewhere between the 22 year old mark and the 32 year old.  Why?  Apart from the obvious watershed age of 22, anyone below that could be jailbait or disappointing and anyone above 32 would be mostly unfanciable. 
Do you think for one moment you will be NOT be able to pull? 
Are you dead?
If no be the case, then your date for Saturday night awaits. 
Your choice is extensive, as are their pick up lines.    But every shallow sister must keep in mind that these men are ‘dates’; they are not the stuff dreams are made of.  They belong somewhere between dinner and the morning after.  Think not about extending the relationship or at the very least think not about allowing it to become too intimate.

Intimate?  I hear you cry.

Intimate.  Yes,  There are many dangerous forms of intimacy.  Sexual intimacy isn’t one of them (unless you omit the condom). 
Do not expose too much of yourself.  Do not get fooled into thinking ‘this man is really in to me.  He really wants to know how I tick.’   Trust me, no man in the Grand Bazaar cares how you tick except to learn how best to part you from your money and/or knickers.  I write this not to downgrade them, in fact I think every one of these lovely, attentive specimens are perfect being who they are.  Often the mistake is made in trying to change them.  So don’t, enjoy the ride.  They are here to serve you, and if you treat yourself right they will serve you well.

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