Sunday, May 15, 2011



Anyone can cook but not anyone can cook well.  The age-old argument of ‘men vs. women make the best chefs’ has now been solved.

The answer is men make better chefs.

Now apart from the obvious that women usually have so much more to contend with in the home i.e. kids, laundry, budgeting. Women are usually less of a risk taker i.e. the recipe calls for a pinch of pepper not a dollop of chili.

But let’s take it to a professional level. Still men are better chefs. Why? Simple. Women fall in love and when that happens it screws up everything. For the first time in our multi-tasking world we are compelled to focus on one thing. Men are used to only having one thing floating around in their heads since we know they can’t multi-task they can focus all their concentration on whatever they choose to do. So when you are crying and hovering (after an argument), he is down the pub watching a game of football and you are no longer in his head.

The only time we are unable to function to our optimum is when we are in love. Not that every day love but that needy yearning love. So try to cook that cake you’ve made a thousand times before. The middle collapses. Try to roast that joint you’ve done every Sunday since time began – it comes out dry and tasteless.

You know why? Cooking is about love. For food to taste amazing and look amazing and be amazing it needs that hidden ingredient called Love, but when ‘love’ is diverted somewhere else you go from a supreme chef to your everyday run-of-the-mill cook.

Are there exceptions to the rules? No.

Delia Smith? Probably had a few weeks of cake flopping earlier on in her life. 
Nigella Lawson? I suspect, being such a sensual and gorgeous creature has a few days a month where she orders take out.

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