Sunday, July 03, 2011

JOBS (what to take and what not to take) - A SHALLOW SISTER'S DATING WORKSHOP - JOBS

Naturally a Shallow Sister is going to only date gorgeous men but there is also a need to have lovers who fall into certain job categories.  Better if you can find them gorgeous as well.  If not, do not despair we don’t always have to sleep with everyone we flirt with.  Therefore date, have sex with or flirt with the following job descriptions:

An electrician
A plumber
A builder

If you are able to combine all three in a super DIY specialist then all the better.  In which case I highly recommend keeping this rare specimen in sexual favours.  You do not want to lose him to the loose lady next door.

A lawyer

Beware of this one in so much as you should never become emotionally attached (see chapter - men not to marry)

A doctor

(Beware of this in so much as you should not become emotionally attached (see chapter - men not to marry)

A travel agent

So the best deals can be arranged for you, but there is a downside as you will be unable to avail of his services should you decide to go on a dirty weekend with any of the above.

So shop and flirt well Shallow Sisters.  So many jobs to get done around the house it’s a wonder you ever get to leave it!

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