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There are many ways to initiate contact.  Talk to the person, call the person, send an email, message them, make contact on Facebook.  It’s endless but really?  Do you really want to put yourself out there to be ignored?

There is another way.

Subliminal messaging.  Granted it’s often not as speedy as you’d like but it does get results.  By now you have learnt about patience and probably that it isn’t one of your stronger points.  However, it is absolutely essential as is initial attraction.  You can’t make someone who is not attracted to you want you.  Or can you? We will cover that under a separate workshop.

Once you know that person has an attraction for you, the doing is easy.  It requires no physical activity, but thought.  Think of that person and I guarantee you he will be thinking of you.  If it’s at all possible, or he is weak he will make contact, almost instantly.  If it’s not possible i.e. he’s dead then it may take a little longer.  I once waited for someone to call me for 18 months.  Indeed I had thought him dead and at times wished him so.  The end result is that he did call me and he did ask to see me.  This particular man had expected me to call him.  He worked hard at fighting thoughts of me and couldn’t, mainly because I did not stop thinking of him.  He was a marked man from month 1. 

There is possible fall-out in this system, in that often you find yourself thinking of someone who you don’t wish to call, or meet and you do.  But you’ll get used to that and will soon become hardened at rejecting their advances.

What about putting a concept out there?  That is also possible, i.e. ‘I want a kiss.’

I have managed that one several times.  Not at expected places i.e. drunken parties where I usually focus on things that are not ‘a given.’

Once in the catacombs of Rome I focused in on a priest during a group tour.  His eyes kept locking on to mine as I sent out my subliminal message of lust.  Finally he stopped in a small room and asked, if we wouldn’t mind, to say a prayer.  ‘Our Father, who art in heaven…’ he began.  He looked at me when he said ‘and lead us not into temptation.’  I smiled knowing that given better time restraints that I had been working with he would have been mine against some icy corridor.  Later that evening as I left a pizzeria I got my wish from a young and gorgeous Roman who had me in his office right beside the Vatican walls. 

Remember focus in on that person you wish to make contact with you.  As often as you like.  Throw in a dedicated orgasm or two (see Chapter on A Shallow Sister’s Take on the Universe) and know it will happen.

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