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Do not underestimate the power of smell.  It motivates us completely.  Food that doesn’t particularly look appealing gets eaten because it smells good and some foods you never liked before get a tasting because of the way they have been cooked with combining accompaniments.  Thus when choosing someone to date smell plays it’s part, more than you realize.

A man walked past me once at a Halloween Party wearing a mask that covered his entire face and I turned.  I looked; I exhaled and said ‘I so have to have him.’  We danced most of the night together, in sensual movements, in sexual play.  Lips nearly touching, slow movements down my body to indicate and perhaps advertise the pleasure he can give me and all the while he filled my nostrils with the desire to be pleasured by him.  We even kissed passionately when he lifted his mask a little to expose desperate lips.  When he did unmask, it really mattered not what he looked like.  His scent had told me everything I needed to know about what I desired.

In General women have a keener sense of smell than men.  It has been scientifically proven that women can, while blindfolded, pick the item of clothing their child was wearing from others.  We use this sense of smell to find suitable sexual partners to reproduce with.  Thus it’s not every man we wish to lie with but men are often prepared to lie with any woman who shows an interest.  They are not motivated by genetics and reproduction in quite the same way us women are.  Therefore, our reticence to mate is not always because we are ‘playing hard to get’.  It’s a lot to do with finding someone that smells good enough to fuck.

Men.  How do you make yourself good enough to fuck?  You can’t!  Simple as that.  Of course you can help things along by taking a bath and using some decent aftershave but frankly if you don’t have the right scent, it isn’t going to happen. 

Now we get to different levels of scent, which produce different types of sex.  From my experience I do return journeys with men only that have what I call ‘the mushroom syndrome’, (to be explained further in Part II).  Just to give you an idea of how many with ‘the mushroom syndrome’ I have encountered over the past, say 8 years.  The answer is 3.  Yes, just 3 in the vast experience of A Shallow Sister.  The other men have smelt acceptable enough to sleep with, some got more than one sitting because (a) they were good enough to go a second round (b) they were interesting enough to want to get to know (b) they had the right (i) job (ii) use (iii) appearance. 

Women smell pretty much good to most men so they are far more motivated by the physical attributes of a lady rather than her smell.  Saying that I know Pheromones are phenomenal and irresistible to a vast lot of you.  I know its power.  I evoke it and use it.  When I was 13 a male friend of my father pointed it out to me.  He told me to be careful as I had the power to draw men to me for sex and if I didn’t learn how to control it I would get hurt.  I discovered how to control it only when I finally recognized it which was not until I became A Shallow Sister.

I am naturally passionate and unrestrained when in the arms of one of those 3 men with the Mushroom Syndrome I met over these 8 years.  They are the only ones I have naturally allowed to cradle, stroke and embrace me after sex.  They are the ones I can wake up in the morning with and they are also the ones I like to please, the ones I crave and the ones I want to devour.  They are also the ones I give total trust of my body to.  They excite me the most.  Only 1 of the 3 is shitte in bed but still I came back for more until it ended.  The other two push me to the absolute portals of death with orgasms so powerful they’ll one day name a tsunami after me.

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