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L’eau du Perfume isn’t about L’eau du Toilet: 

Could it be you still doubt the allure of scent?  You only have to see the duty free counters at the airport to know how important it is.  Next to the addictions (cigarettes) and compulsories (drink), lie the waiting bottles of magic, romance, hope and confidence.

Can a man resist a certain perfume? Just as is our natural scent, perfume is also a matter of taste or, in this case, smell. 

For example, Obsession for men I find particularly provocative but once that wears off the man who had it on, is on his own; unless he can quickly dab some CK’s Eternity to keep me interested a nano second longer.  If not, I’m quickly off to whiff out Davidoff’s Cool Water on some other five o’clock shadow.

Thus perfume is only a lure.  A hook on a line.  But can you get the fish into the bucket?  That depends on your natural scent (to be tackled in Part IV).

The first thing is for you to know your market.  Say: it’s first date?  Think of the man.  Think of the venue.  Think of the image you wish to portray.  For example:

Heady, sensual, complicated, good in bed and a little bit bad: Obsession by Calvin Klein, Opium by YSL, Crystal Noir by Versace.
Feisty, alluring, tempting, a little unsure: J’ai Adore by Dior, Eternity by CK, Guilty by Gucci.
Intelligent, grown-up, witty: Y by YSL, Cinema by YSL, Truth by CK.
Sweet, unassuming, innocent, playful: Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Innocent by Thierry Mugler, Touch of Pink by Lacoste.
Sophisticated, expensive, traditional: Chanel No. 5, Burberry Weekend by Burberry, Bvlgari Pour Femme.
No strings, carefree, laid-back non-threatening: One by CK, Happy by Clinic, Paco Unisex by Paco Rabanne

The list is endless…smell and figure.  Remember what is in the bottle isn’t what will smell on you.  Test, wait, test every 5 minutes for the next 20 only then will you (a) know if it suits you (b) if it says what you want it to say about you.  Best to have a wide selection for your many facets or if you are one dimensional then you now have a device to add some corners to your personality, use it we need all the help we can get.

If you go away with someone for, say a weekend then take at least 2 perfumes to match moods (and in case he hates one of them).  Try to find out what he particularly dislikes i.e. I often use pure organic coconut crème on my body after bathing.  It drives many men wild but …. Not all men.  If you are unsure and in a panic use scentless oil and add a few drops of Jasmine (no man can resist this flower.  If you want to personalize it with a little bit more depth add vanilla). 

How do you know if you have trapped your man beyond the manufactured scent? Only when he says ‘I love the way you smell.’ (In the morning, after the night before) you know.  Or, when you embrace after an absence and you catch him breathing in your smell, eyes closed, raptured by memories with a desire to ravish you again, only then do you know.

Perfume is alchemy in a bottle.  We know certain scents provoke certain responses that we are unaware of.  Here are a few to start you off on the road to your new discovery:

Lavender, Sandalwood and Jasmine – to calm and relax
Ylang Ylang - Sharpens the senses and works as an aphrodisiac.
Lemon and Peppermint – to energise.

Find out what is in your potion and what it can do to the man you are with.  Aim to shapen the moment with knowledge.

And if you are still in doubt?  Read the book ‘Perfume’ by Peter Susskind.  I know its fiction but imagine if you could tap into scent in this way it would then not be inconceivable to be able to rule the world.

So begin to with starting to rule a moment.  

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