Friday, January 13, 2012



Cesareans are on the rise.  Promoted by doctors mostly but I don’t wish to go into that.  However someone, somewhere told a lot of women that the birth canal is stretched so out of shape that (in order to keep delighting men) it might be best to not allow anything larger than a tiny penis in.  This might account for the fact I consider size so important given I’ve had my birth canal stretched beyond endurance by bringing life into the world.  Frankly if a man thinks he’s swimming in me than he’s too small and not because I’m too big. 

Breasts:  There are a lot of men out there who love breasts and some women go to great lengths to enlarge theirs in order to please men or to gain confidence.  Again I wonder why us women go to such lengths to ‘hold’ a man.  If a man likes someone enough he will be willing to give up the tits (if he’s a tit man or at the very least pay for the surgery to enlarge them).  Frankly I think if he suggests that, you might like to see how he stands on having a penis enlargement.

We are all insecure about our bodies…yes even those we consider perfect and delight when we find out we are exactly what the man we want wants.  I remember a lovesick friend of mine asking her new lover if he was ok with her size A tits.  His response was ‘I wouldn’t know what to do with big tits anyway.’ 
She was delighted with the response and came running to me to let him know that he preferred her body to mine.  I said nothing, knowing that he had known exactly what to do with my tits only weeks before; but he liked her enough to try to please her, which (let’s face it) is a nice thing to do.

Finally to conclude on size, men have a better deal.  It’s rare a wonder bra will make an A cup seem like a C cup.  For us women it’s Russian roulette out there.  Tight jeans tell us nothing.  Hand size tells us nothing, feet size tells us nothing, nose size tells us nothing. I’ve slept with short men to find, unsurprisingly a penis the size of a thumb, equally I have found the opposite.  Likewise with tall men.  Thus the only sure fire way of knowing what you are getting is to either do a reckie through his trousers (also not a huge (or small) indicator).  Or better yet get a curriculum vitae from someone who has already slept with him.

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