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Yes, I know we touched upon this subject under the heading ‘A Shallow Sister’s take on oral technique.’ 
But now I’d like to go into this topic with some depth.

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that a woman who swallows is a league above one who doesn’t.  Not a man out there prefers to have the receiver spit out his hard worked for spunk. Men regard their sperm as something sacred. Something seen as a gift for the receiver, thus spitting it out is in a way rejecting his bequest. Yeah, sure some new age man may say ‘I don’t mind. It doesn’t bother me.’  Bollocks. Give him a woman who swallows and he feels like a God. 

Benefits of swallowing: It is the fountain of youth. It makes my skin glow as no other off the shelf product can. Do I like swallowing? Does it turn me on? No, not at all. I just prefer not to have spunk in my hair. However, I admit that if I really, really like a guy then, yes I do want to possess him in any way available and having the ability of making him come in my mouth is empowering. A sort of modern wife and sister (yes you read right) of King Mausolus. After he died Artemisia, his wife and sister (just in case you missed it first time) mixed his ashes in a daily drink in order to remain close to him. I think we can safely say she was a swallower.

I confess that I am not actually a serial swallower and some of you might be able to relate to this. The first time I am fine about swallowing. I tend to focus on my skin regime. If I, by some fluke, find myself having sex with the same man again it is unlikely I will swallow. Why? I have no idea except that perhaps I no longer wish to impress him with my skills? Or I don’t like him enough to walk home with his DNA in me? Or my hunger for him has abated? However, if I’m into him (in the emotional way) then I will make sure my reflux action keeps what goes in, down. Now, if I’m in love (which granted is not something a Shallow Sister should ever be, but it happens to the best of us) then swallowing is a necessity, a desire, something I even fantaise about.

Amazingly there are some of you who choose to wobble their way to the bathroom rather than swallow. Frankly I think that’s brave of you. Let us remember this. Once a man has come he has little interest in your naked body. Then having to see it run naked to the bathroom may make him notice just how much gravity has been unkind to you. Yeah, sure if you are 22 and double that number in kilos then it’s fine and I’d be the first to say, ‘off you go and remember to gargle after.’

What do I do once I’m no longer able to ingest semen? I do what so many of you do, something called ‘dribbling’, which is gently allowing the semen to exit your mouth to be deposited around the penis, then reaching for some toilet paper (strategically placed nearby), handing the man some to mop himself up with. While he’s busy (possibly wondering why he’s so sticky) you are spitting the remainder of him into another ball of tissue out of his eye line.

But you know what does turn me on? (Apart from receiving diamonds) is after a man has come in my mouth (and I’ve swallowed) is kissing him. Deep, deep tongue kissing. I enjoy the initial fear he might have of finding himself kept warm in my mouth and then I love it that he gets over the fear and enjoys the kiss as much as I do. 

Thus ladies it’s up to you what you do. But I have to say that in order to complete a truly awesome blowjob you really have no choice but to swallow. In the literary sense it would be akin to forgetting to punctuate your best-written work with a full stop.

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