Saturday, January 21, 2012


A Shallow Sister’s take on the new moon

It takes you by surprise.  You aren’t expecting it and why would you?  I mean it’s not full.  Ah but think of the new moon as a photo negative.  It’s full but in a ‘can’t see’ way which makes it all the more sneakily dangerous. 

So you think you’ve escaped the full moon? You’ve managed to not have meaningless sex in a toilet.  You’ve managed not to disembowel your boyfriend.  You’ve managed not to tell your boss he’s a fuckwit and then comes the shockingly devious new moon and suddenly you’re left wondering how you managed to ‘lose it’ on a dark night on a week day.  Blame it on the hidden full moon…it’s shadow sister..the new moon.

No longer do you need to be aware that once a month you can flip, but that you need to keep an eye out twice a month.  You have been warned so deal with it accordingly.

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