Tuesday, February 21, 2012



There are a wide array of standard moral rules we can choose from:
Religious rules, Society Rules,  Cultural Rules, Cult Rules, Tribal Rules.  But hey, how about this take?  Why not make your own?

Rules designed by others are just not fun.  They are inhibiting; they are restricting; they are guilt inducing but mostly they are not designed for YOU. 

So write your own if you think you need some.  These rules can be as stony or elastic as you wish them to be (usually dependent upon alcohol consumption).

They can change on a day to day or even a meet-to-meet basis.  Your rule of no first night sex can be flexible if the guy isn’t going to be around the next night.  Your rule on no married man can also be given a holiday if he just is too irresistible.  Your rule on ditching your best friend for a guy you just saw at he bar can be reinstated by an apology (a day later). 

Bear this in mind.  Rules are Guidelines.

Half the fun is breaking, bending, stretching, ignoring, deferring, ditching one as often as you see fit.

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