Wednesday, March 07, 2012



You expect great sex?   For some of you, you might be grateful just to get sex.  What ever you expect or hope, for it’s important that you give great sex.  Your reputation hangs on this night (even if it’s an intended one night performance only).  Women talk.  We now have social media to play with.  We love nothing better more than slagging off a guy we don’t want or who doesn’t want us.  Therefore, be generous or you will never live it down and you may never get another shag from any one of those females surrounding your disappointed shaggee.

Rule number one:

If you expect oral sex and you get it you need to reciprocate.  I don’t care that you think ‘oh I’ll do it next time.’  Buster, there may not be a next time but there will be a lot of expletives after your name amongst the girls.  Perhaps you don’t know how to give oral sex?  Do not turn to porn for advice.  Very few porn videos get it right.  Too much change of pressure, direction, focus and way too short.  You need to hone into her breathing, her sighs, her screams (if that happens than you’ve done it right anyway).  Don’t go down on her to re-emerge a few minutes later.  Be committed (if only for one night).  This is your learning process that will elevate you to being a considerate lover to a great lover.

Don’t do oral sex?  In which case you have no business getting sex.  You have fallen seriously short of the advertised trailer.  You’ve French kissed right?  (God forbid you don’t use your tongue when kissing, in which case we have some seriously work to do on you).  How can you even think not to devour the woman you hope to bed?

Reasons not to give oral sex – NONE.

Yeah ok, there are a couple.  The first being that you encounter the pubic hair equivalent of the  Amazonian jungle, which may not be to your taste.  You have no choice man.  Show her at least you go down.  Just don’t stay as long as you would normally so as to avoid incoming loose pubes and if you like her enough you might think about presenting her with a gift on the second date – razor blades.

Hygiene.  Women are very conscious about hygiene so this shouldn’t present an issue and frankly if you are concerned about your date’s cleanliness than you have no business even trying to get her to the horizontal.

Women don’t always orgasm during intercourse.  It is your duty to make sure at some point, during, before or after yours you make sure she does.  Remember your name will be mud if you don’t.  Women are seriously impressed with men who give women orgasms after theirs.  It’s an awesome ability since we are well aware that once you have shot your load all you want to do is sleep.  That fact alone will divide the men from the boys and if you choose to give it orally then you might find yourself elevated to the status of a deity.

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