Monday, April 30, 2012



Want something?  Think it. 

Focus on a sentence that capsulate what you want.  Then repeat it as you look at the object you want.  Very possibly the man you want.

‘Kiss me.’  A good place to begin from. You know that once you have that first kiss it can lead to anywhere else you aim it.

Want to go one step further?

I tried and tested the ‘I want sex with you.’  I used this on a total stranger in the catacombs in Rome.   

Did I get sex with him?  Well no!  But then he was a Priest and I was working with a time restraint.  Half an hour longer and I swear he would have been mine.

Later that evening I got my kiss and even later that evening I got my initial request met.  He was not a priest but we did have sex at his place just outside the walls of St. Peters.

I once locked thoughts on a man who had sworn never to sleep with me, as he was fearful of my hold on him.  My subliminal messaging that evening was ‘I want you to suck my tits.’ 

Since we had kissed in the past I felt I needed to take it to the next stage. 

He did.  It was glorious.  Subsequent meetings had me messaging on requests further south. 

Recently I was waiting for someone special at the airport.  I had jumped the barrier (as had a handful of others including an old lady, a pregnant woman and 2 children).   For 20 minutes the guard allowed us to remain there and I went for subliminal messaging ‘I am invisible.’  Which is not one of the superpowers I have.   I stand out in a crowd and next to an old lady and some children it would be hard to miss me.  The guard systematically asked each person to move back behind the security barrier, except me.  I remained the only one there, alone waiting another 40 minutes until I was in the arms of someone I’ve been dedicating orgasms to (see A SHALLOW SISTER’S TAKE ON THE UNIVERSE).  The power of those was enough to have him fly 4 hours to be as close to impact as possible.

There are a myriad of other occasions, requests etc. you can subliminal message. Be sure to focus, be sure to direct the focus well, aim and relentlessly fire away.

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