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I can of course encapsulate it into one word : Nuts.

Right now I’m wondering if I should make this a part I of III parts only because I have a lot to say on the subject.  More or less about as much as my counterparts do.  But let’s see first if I can surmise it to an acceptable length and not make it a sermon of epic biblical proportions.

I was going to title this ‘A shallow Sister’s take on Fundamentalist Religion’ and then decided it’s all nuts and just a question of degrees.  I’m going to aim my attack on the religious belief I was dragged into adulthood with but you can tar and feather the rest of them under this umbrella if you choose to.

But first background so you know where I am coming from.  I was baptized a Roman Catholic and was instructed under Convent schooling.  This of course is enough to turn anyone who has half a personality to rebel.  I did.  I rebelled magnificently.  I rebelled with bells on.  But I am also smart so in my rebelling I did serious research so I could take a catholic burning down with me.  I know the Bible and I think it’s a load of crock.  I know all the other ‘Christian type’ teachings and some are nuttier than others, but they all come down to two simple facts.  Belief in God and a belief in Hell.

Since I don’t believe in God I also don’t believe in Hell so everlasting fire and damnation does not scare me.  Why God should want to scare me I don’t know?  Why give me a clitoris if he didn’t want me to enjoy having it?  Why give some men big dicks so they can’t please women like myself?  I don’t get it.  I don’t get this abstinence business.  Why should we abstain from something that (a) doesn’t make us fat and (b) is good for our stress levels? 

Of course religion isn’t just about the guilt of sex although, lets face it, it mostly is about that. 

I’m wondering who came up with that concept.  The concept that sex was a sin?  Why make it so?  Was the person who thought it up not getting any?  Was he (and you can be sure it was a he) so badly endowed he hated everyone with more than an average length.  Was he so ugly no one wanted to date him?  Was he in I.T. so he didn’t know how to relate to women?  Maybe he was gay and didn’t want to be so he thought he’d make it all a sin?  Then again he was probably fighting his desire for altar boys. 

Now back to Virtue.  Why does the Catholic Church and Christianity in general, NO WAIT –all registered religion place such an importance on Virginity, even today?  I certainly never had the intension of, either using my virginity to keep a man at bay, or trade his love for it, or get a marriage out of it.  I also know I would not want to be with a man who has not had the experience of many lovers.  Why would I want an amateur when I can choose someone who has already been trained up to my standards?  Ok I’m getting ahead of myself again here and for sure this is a part III-er. 

Thus to conclude Part I which will probably also conclude Part II and III – Religion is nuts.

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