Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Did we ever think we would need a plural for the world Apocalypse? Apparently we do. What is it to be? Apocalypses? And how do we pronounce that? Well, the root of apocalypse is from the Latin apocalypsis. With the final syllable derived from the suffix sis, it’s very possibly pronounced seez as opposed to ers. 

But I don’t suppose you expected to be educated on English here, but we definitely need to educate some people on how to control their hysteria. When will people learn?  I mean we got through all Harold Camping’s Raptures. Surely there’s a Nostradamus end of something we escaped? And lately the Mayans. There appears to be a great many people who think outside the norm. Or perhaps I am in the minority since there were so many of you who did suspend a percentage of your belief and did wonder (perhaps not publically) if the Mayan’s were the ones who got it right. 

OF COURSE NOT! Why does logic escape when some loon points out some writings on some stone that’s thousands of centuries old as being a word of God or a prediction for us?  Why not a prediction for them?  They never saw the end of their demise? It is quite logical to assume that having reached a point in 2012 the calendar was stopped because they felt it was far enough in the future and they’d leave it to future Mayan’s to carve the next stone?  Perhaps it’s a modern day advertising rouse? Get us wondering about who the Mayan’s are and where they lived and then sell us tours to visit what’s left of their civilization. Or alternatively could it be a bunch of history lecturers who got together one night and complained of their students’ lack of interest in the Mayans? Did they start the apocalypse rumour? What I do know is this.  It didn’t happen.  I never thought it would. What I do know is that I should have had t-shirts printed up and sold them and made some money like so many others. But, not to worry since I’ll be first to get printing and selling at the next apocalyptic prophecy.

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