Friday, February 22, 2013



Astrology has a purpose.  It is to better understand how we function, how we think and how we cope.  It is also a good guide to how to approach, deal with, and understand your date and whether you have the compatibility necessary to make it worth the journey. 

But checking your daily horoscope is mostly madness.  Your monthly horoscope?  Well possibly, but more importantly it is a good guide to know when a planet is in retrograde causing some unsettling issues.  But I wouldn’t follow its judgments on when to sign a contract, when to travel and which dirty weekend you pick.  That just takes away from intuition and we are best working on our instincts and sixth sense than some weirdly named astrologer telling you which day to pick for love.

Carefully look at your sun sign, rising sign and moon signs to get an idea of yourself.  You will see the strengths and weaknesses of all three signs rage inside you.  If one bothers you, take the strength of the other to balance yourself better.  For example:  My rising sign does not like change.  I want to like change as I am easily bored and therefore force change upon myself.  I’m now quite good at adapting, even to highly emotionally charged situations. 

Astrology also gives you an insight into how you react to situations and why you do.  Again, if you don’t like your reaction then call upon another trait of another sign within you to burst forth and do it’s healing.

All very skitzo really?  But I do think we all have many aspects of ourselves that can and often do contradict.  Imagine yourself made up of many tiny people and call upon one when you need a certain job done; or an emotion handled well.

The better you know yourself the better you can understand your partner. 

If only I had discovered this earlier in life, then I would have known to be looking for a man with my best suited Astrological combination, which appears to be Gemini with penis rising.

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