Friday, February 15, 2013


(This missive is dedicated to an Inner Circle Member)

10 must do’s

1.             Get over the taboo aspect and enjoy the taboo aspect.

2.  Trust your partner (and hope he’s done this many, many times before so you are not the only novice).

3.  Lube (which should be points 4,5 and 6 (it is that important)).  Use a silicon based one (it will last for as long as it takes).  Allow him to lubricate his penis well and your rectum.  At the same time as lubing he should be stretching you with a finger. (Which will help bugger all since (hopefully) his dick is thicker than his finger).

4.   Never go from anal to vaginal sex without a trip to the bathroom to wash (even if there appears to be no traces of your greatest fear).

5.   Condom use? Up to you.  Live dangerously.

The upside of a condom is it will help lubricate and prevent skin from catching on skin. You can whip it off in a moment and go for vaginal sex without having to disinfect quickly in the bathroom before. 

The downside is it will hamper his enjoyment and you need one that does not have spermicide (not good for the delicate walls of your anus).

Plus you won’t get pregnant anyway.

6.   Don’t eat a heavy meal before.

7.   Use a toy to stimulate your clitoris before and during.  Or any fingers to hand (so to speak).

8.   Choose a position that gives you some control:

Suggested ones are:
(a) Missionary (yes we can even turn that one dirty!).  Elevate by placing a pillow under you.  You also have eye contact and both hands free to slap him around the face if he ignores your protests of ‘wait, not yet, let me breathe through the pain.’
(b) Doggy or lying flat.  He can go deep with this one and you don’t have as much control on beating him off or screaming out ‘get off’ as your face will be in a pillow.
(c)  Side position.  He can’t go as deep by virtue of the position.  You can still push him off and he can still hear you tell him to ‘get the fuck out of you’, if necessary.

9. Understand that the initial entry can be painful.  Take it slowly.  Give your body time to adjust. Take it one inch at a time past the first sphincter muscle. Pulling out and re-entering a few times to relax muscles often works.  The second sphincter muscle (about an inch in) may do a lock-down effect.  Take time.  It too will relax.  Going deep is where the fun begins.  Enjoyment replaces pain.

 10. Be prepared to understand that he might be pushing air into you and therefore when it’s all over and you are both cuddling and glowing in the intimacy of what you've done you could well fart.  Sadly that air will re-exit in this way and not in the more acceptable burp.

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