Thursday, February 14, 2013



We know it’s hideously commercial. 

It is the only time money can buy love.  Or confirm it (by the receipt of a gift).  Or destroy it (by the non-receipt of a gift).

We all want to be recognized on this hideously romantic of days.  A gift, flowers, a card, a text, a phone call…shit just anything so we don’t feel unloved.

Generally men are not so competitive (out of sport) as us girls are and therefore they don’t have the pressure to get something for Valentines - because we know how we dread the …. ‘Did you get anything for Valentines?’

Some years I have and some years I haven’t.  Only one year in the last decade I got roses from someone that made my soul sour.  They remain (unlike all the others received) dried and preserved in a vase like some trophy to say ‘someone I loved, loved me back.’

When will we learn that affirmations of love should not be needed to make us feel whole but the sad truth is they are required for us to feel good about ourselves.

Even the mighty fall on this day.  Those that say they don’t need someone to love them.  Those that cling on fiercely to their independence.  Those that call themselves emancipated women.  All, today crave a visit from Interflora.  Even if only the deliveryman and you know someone loves you, it’s enough.

To those that don’t get the knock on the door, the card in the post, the text message on the phone be shallow and send flowers to yourself to affirm that at least your love for yourself is consistent. 

It won’t make you feel better but it might make you smile for a moment.

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