Saturday, March 02, 2013



Eons ago three friends formed The Bad Egg Society.  A group whose aim was to elicit retribution if one of us felt sufficiently and ‘without cause’ wronged.   We would take our case to the other two (which frankly only required the sentence ‘I am so pissed off with ….) and then we would work hard to plan and (not always) execute justice.

We were mostly talk and therefore did not actually get much done but I believe one car found sugar in it’s petrol. 

We did talk endlessly about our bad egg deed in order to exorcise ourselves of the feelings of wrong levied against one of us.  A form of therapy that worked so well we planned many a revenge but actually only executed two.

Mostly it was fun, which is what being a Shallow Sister is all about.  What irks us has to be over-ridden; and plotting, scheming and general bad mouthing of the offending person goes a lot way to establish a hilarious slant on the hurt and a way of rising above it.

I suggest everyone form a bad egg society amongst some trusted friends who are able to execute such ideas as ‘lying waste someone’s garden’.   Whether they have the application to do any of the bad egg deeds is another matter.  That isn’t really the point.  The ideal revenge is when you are shallow enough to feel indifferent towards those that did you harm and those that wish you harm.  A few nights on the drink with some weed, hilariously funny friends and the bad egg deed is laid, hatched and only served at cocktail parties as devilled.  

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