Sunday, June 02, 2013


ISTANBUL - ONE TREE DIES AND A NATION AWAKES - (not a shallow sister's take).

In case you never caught it before, I have said: 'it takes depth to be shallow'.

In case you did not catch the news: the city I live in and love, is fighting for the right to be free.

This Shallow Sister is going to talk deep for a moment.

The protesters go out with no protection, apart from a mask to cover their mouths from the incessant firing of tear gas, and swimming goggles to protect their eyes from the orange gas and pepper spray.  We have nothing to protect us from the water cannons but are thankful for hot weather.

We have no weapons (contrary to what is said).  We have picked up stones and thrown them at the police when attacked.  Mostly we run.  Mostly we hide.  But we always shout!

You, (those not on the front line) are our weapons.  Your voice can reach those who can hear and those who can do something.  We need you.  Do this because you believe in freedom.  I have a daughter in the midst of it all.  I am terrified she will become one of the casualties of this fight but I am proud of her.  She is there in honour of those that fought for her freedom over the centuries and now it is her turn to take care of the future generation.

It was only a matter of time before someone turned this into a musical and I have to say it's uplifting. 

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