Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I saw this photograph and I thought ‘Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People’.  O.K.:  I saw this picture and thought, ‘ it reminds me of something and I’ll ask my sister.’  She studied art history.

In Delacroix’s version it is Nike who leads the rebellion.  In our version it is a girl who wears Nike.   Our leading heroine wears colours appropriate for representing The Indigo Children and she is, by her courage, by her stance and by her ability to balance on a barricade, an Indigo Child.

What are Indigo Children?

It requires me to get a little hippy.

In 1970’s Nancy Anne Tappe studied aura that surrounds our physical body, known as electromagnetic fields.  Through colour, she was able to psychologically profile people.  Those who had an indigo glow, she believed possessed special traits, even supernatural abilities.  These became known as The Indigo Children.

Some believe that the Age of Aquarius (start time is in dispute) has brought these peace loving, empathetic, old souls to steer the world to become a better place. 

Some believe that the revolution, that will turn the world around has begun here in Istanbul.  Here in Gezi Park.  Over some trees.  It is fitting that this is the symbol of these seekers of truth, these fighters of justice and these believers of love.

I am beginning to think this new age/hippy way of thinking is very possibly correct, even if some weed is involved (well especially if some weed is involved).  I’ve seen these Indigo children with their tents and their kindness and this incredible ability to motivate and steer and generate hordes to stand with them.  They have no one leader.  There is no one person with one ideal propelling the course.  They are a varied group of people, each with his or her own beliefs and direction, but all with the ability and individuality to move as one mass in peace and in purpose.

Has the Age of Aquarius begun in Istanbul?  Yes.  I say that with absolute conviction.  With such rapidity, this resistance to the autocrat who has governed them for 10 years, has spread to 77 cities around Turkey.  Others have risen to support them, marking their cause with protests in some of the major cities around the world.  A new definition has found it’s way into Turkish and become a new word in all languages.  Chapul – no longer means loot, but resist.  Taksim, where it begun, has become more than a place.  It is being used as a word, to mean unification.  Banners bearing the sentence ‘Taksim is everywhere’ are displayed on televisions around the world.  In Brazil and Bulgaria The Indigo Children there, have risen, not just to support Turkey but also in support of their own lack of confidence in their government.

The Indigo Children in Turkey are of a different breed from past fighters of freedom.  They whistle and bang drums as they go into battle, their hands displaying the international symbol of peace.  Their weapons are humour, and they dance behind the barricades.  As the police spray them with pepper gas they fling back chili peppers at them.  When they are sprayed by the water cannons they tear off their t-shirts and twirl them high in the air, above their heads, setting themselves up as targets inviting further attack.

The Indigo Children have come up with another ruse - The standing man.  Erdem Gunduz stood for over 5 hours in Taksim Square.  He did absolutely nothing but to stand.  The police arrested him.  Imagine that!  We can now be arrested for standing!  Since then, people have been standing all over the country.  All over the world.  Other pockets of resistance continue to prove that we cannot be bullied.  Today, I and many other strangers stepped over a police cordon.  A yellow tape blazoned with “Police – do not cross” had been strung near Gezi Park to prevent people from sitting on the rubble around it and reading books.  We crossed their line and walked on the forbidden piece of pavement.  The police watched us.  Perhaps they could have arrested us, given that they have arrested a standing man.  But they ignored us instead as we had ignored the line they had drawn for us.  These little acts of resistance have made us strong and, by proxy, we are all now Indigo Children.


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