Monday, August 05, 2013



Are we naturally monogamous?  Do we think we are thus in order to stave off insecurities?  What happens if our partner gets something from someone else that we cannot give?  Swingers dance with that danger.  Or is it that we think they do?  Many a swinger will reveal that their relationship has never been stronger.  That they do not consider themselves unfaithful when they have the consent of their partner and especially when it is a sport they enjoy as a couple. 

Does this shallow sister advocate this?  Whatever swings your boat, but I would hate to think it was one-sided and that one partner tolerates it because of the need to keep the other partner happy. In which case I advocate 'the blind eye'.

So you think your partner needs more than you can provide? What! You are not enough?  Darling, we are all never enough.  We do well in suppressing and fooling ourselves that sexually we have it all with our one partner and after umpteen years it has not reached boredom.  You may be able to accommodate a lifetime of semi interesting sex, but can your partner?  Are you in the right, expecting him to put up with the same?    That somewhat unnatural bubble will burst.  One way or another.  If he chooses to suppress be prepared for the possible interest in dangerous sport or time out with the boys. 

What if he can't suppress?  The blind eye is your best friend.  Turn it!

Frankly there are only two options.  Either you turn the blind eye to his sexual activities that do not include you or you leave him; but to force him into line according to your rules or the rules of most relationships, is not fair. 

The Blind Eye can work well.  Lord knows all my men operate in this way and I remain thankful they choose to turn a blind eye to the life I lead.  If one stamps his foot and demands monogamy he gets it, only not with me.

Will I ever surrender myself to one man? There is only one man who knows I will, and can.  Ironically then it will be me, who will need to turn a blind eye.

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