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Ever wondered how much fun it would be to clone your lover’s dick?

Fun, it is not.

Stressful and messy it is.

However, first times usually are, so with that consideration accounted for the need to duplicate has to be of paramount importance. It was!

There appear only 2 devices on the market for cloning.



Clone a willy

Which one to choose?

Clone a Willy had a YouTube video, which was informative and funny, and you didn’t have to cut the tube to size.
Cloneboy had a cockring, a second mould kit and you didn’t need a thermometer.

In the end we went for Cloneboy because it was the only one in the shop.

The instructions are lacking even if they are in diagram form for the hard of reading.

But, what you need to understand first (before even buying the kit) is: if you are taking a copy of your lover’s penis it had better be something worth keeping for posterity.  I mean do any of you really want a copy of a small dick?

With that in mind we are faced with the realization that the instructions are WRONG, or at least there needs to be two sets of instructions:  one for Mr. Average length and girth, and one for ‘You are a lucky lady’ length and girth.

Cloneboy instructs you to cut the tube (where you will place your penis into) to their recommended size. My lover is well endowed, which makes me a lucky lady.  Did they take that into account?  No, but we did and then ignored this believing Cloneboy knows best.  And if we hadn’t cut down the tube I am unsure it would be impossible to stretch the rubber seal over one end.

This is where stress came in.  It was difficult to fit the rubber seal onto the tube.  Harder still for my lover’s penis to fit through the hole in the rubber seal.  A quick run to the bathroom to get some lube helped but the point of entry was too small and my lover’s penis went from a healthy golden honey colour to purple. Thankfully he never has trouble keeping wood otherwise I may well have had to do some sexual gyrations to keep him interested rather than the cussing he got.

Fearing we were cutting off all the blood supply to his penis (and double fearing it would drop off), I quickly whisked up the moulding powder.  Since I am an awesome cook I knew to hand whisk all lumps out of the powder before adding the water.  Then it’s a messy business of pouring the liquid in. You have 3 minutes before it hardens. Here is where we nearly came unstuck, as it was clear his penis was too big for the meager rations of the tube.  How could we get his penis placed in the middle? As most of you know: a penis is not often perfectly straight and my lover’s quite beautiful one, isn’t. Therefore, Cloneboy please suggest that lucky ladies shouldn’t bother cutting the tube and please have a larger rubber seal to deal with the larger girth of the tube and penis.

We knew we lost 1.5 inches off his length but since I am a lucky lady it was not a disaster.

The rest went relatively smoothly and a day later his clone was revealed.


The replica is a marvel. Cloneboy I am impressed and if you want me to fire up a YouTube video on ‘how to do this’, just send me another kit and I’ll keep it at a PG rating by using a cucumber.

It took about 3 days before the clone stopped feeling tacky to the touch, so I would not recommend you use it until it is fully cured.

I still have one moulding powder left, a cut up tube, a too tight rubber ring; but sadly am without the master die for now. Until we get the chance to go for mark II (which will include the missing 1.5 inches) I marvel at the beauty of my lover’s cloned penis on a daily basis.

I am a lucky lady.

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