Wednesday, October 23, 2013



How does one mad dictator get so much power?  Where is the monitoring lobby to prevent them coming to be?  Who are the people behind the madness that allows someone in power to control, rant and order an ice palace to be built in the desert?

Many dictators start up benevolent and then turn to malevolent. Surely it’s not so easy to achieve? Nothing as simple as turning the beginning of a word from ‘ben’ to ‘mal’?

I looked at height and wondered if short guys: like Napoleon and Stalin feel they had something to prove? They certainly felt a need to appear statuesque in the eyes of the world; all those various stone statues dotted around cities proves a crying need.

However, there are/were also a great deal of tall malicious dictators around - Idi Amin and Sadam Hussein to name just two.

Is it to do with the unseen? The size of their penises, perhaps? In my experience: guys with small dicks are either totally lacking in confidence, or wish to kick everyone else in the balls. Could this be the indicator as to what to expect from someone wishing to gain and hold on to power? Do you think we could get our prospective leaders to drop their trousers before we go to the polls?

As I have pointed out, the tell tale signs of an absolute wanker is the moustache. If he’s got a moustache don’t vote for him and certainly don’t date him. If he’s born under the sun or rising sign of Taurus, Leo or Aries give him a wide berth. Just to be sure, if he’s short omit him from your voting choice. And if he’s religious avoid like a vampire would a crucifix. Religion corrupts. These strutting little dictators, who use a god to get what they want, soon think they are God.

Don’t they say ‘absolute power corrupts’. Someone also came up with the concept that no ruler should be in power beyond 10 years because of the ‘oh I became a god’ syndrome. I think marriage might need to work on that same premise.

Right now, in our world we have an extraordinarily amount of dictators. Even those democratically elected have turned rabid with power. We are beginning to understand what type to avoid but, in order to do so, we need to remove the ones that are already in place and for some reason that isn’t very easy to do, even though the blaring truth is there - in the form of a moustache, height, star sign and the 10 year rule.

But I would hazard a guess that dictators have small dicks. They are angry little men (even if tall but little elsewhere).  Do we know of any evil dictator hung like a horse?  OK., the African ones could be, given their genetic coding but let us assume they are average or even below the norm, amongst their own.  Who’s word do we have that this is not the case? Would anyone dare suggest otherwise?

What I think is: any man with a big dick is too busy enjoying sex that he’s got no time to run a country into the ground or grow a moustache.

I am prepared to be proved wrong and thus request all dictators send me pictures of their dicks (and no photoshopping boys). 

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