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We’ve made some bad voting choices.  Why? Because politicians lie and we forget that is an absolute truth.  Even if they don’t lie, they make promises they are not sure of delivery.  We also know politicians don’t apologise, which is why we can’t know if they are sociopaths; or if someone else screwed them over.

However, our journey to figure out whom to vote for is at an end.  My research has been extensive (15 minutes on Google).

My findings are as accurate as the tale the politician is asking you to believe.

My discoveries, over time, like his actions will have exceptions to the rule, and will have contradictory evidence and some WTF’s.

But hey, what else do you have to go on?  I am your best bet.

Rule number 1:
If he has a moustache DO NOT under any circumstances (even if you are mad enough to like lip hair) vote for that man.

Rule number 2:
Check his horoscope.

Astoundingly, most nutter politicians are born under the sign Taurus.  Taurus likes control.  They always think they are right.  They only have their best interests at heart.  And while you Taureans whine on that this is incorrect - I’ve proved my point.  You see Taureans, albeit good at leading are also judgmental and unable to view another standpoint.  Plus you can’t back down.  Your saving grace is a rising sign. If you don’t like who you are, you can focus on heightening your other controlling signs.  However if your rising is also Taurus or the other two that follow please don’t ever go into politics!

Also high on the dictator stakes are those born under the sign of Leo.  Another sign that insists upon control, thinks he’s always right, walks around with an ego the size of the penis he wishes he had!

Aries is another to avoid. Governed my Mars – the god of war.  Really do I need to say more?

The above 3 astrological signs are only motivated by what suits them.  They make fine leaders but should not be leading a nation unless it’s already an Aryan one!

Other interesting facts emerged from the extra 5 minutes I put into my Google search.

Those born under Capricorn and Scorpio make good leaders (although Capricorn my appear heartless and the Scorpion could well be caught with his trousers down) but they often are people who can lead a nation to success.

Another 5 minutes goggling produced another interesting fact.  Aquarians are either bum politicians (not in the evil sense but in the stupid sense (Sarah Palin)) or ones that fight the big fight – Roosevelt and Lincoln. 

And yes, every sign has produced a despot because mental instability also plays a part, but what you read here is a broad assessment, in line with the bollocks that politicians finally deliver.

If you don’t think rule 1 and 2 are an accurate way to judge your voting choice then I have this to ask, ‘Did you trust what you were told to buy into?’
Yes, you did!
I rest my case.

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