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You have fallen in love with a man who is not of your class and I don’t mean your math’s class; I mean one born above you in all ways.

First, let us ponder as to whether the class system exists.  I’ve pondered.  It does. Especially in the United Kingdom - A place where class probably started.

India? (Say all you desperate to point fingers at other class structures, so our culture does not appear so archaic). Sure India. Except it’s called the caste system. What is the difference? I don’t think there is one but it is a little more steeped in another century. But within the British class system we do have the untouchables and that could well be YOU!

Obviously if you were born into a lower middleclass family in Northern England you probably got your man on looks and naught else.  Why?  The chasms of your worlds are so far apart it really can’t be your love of Milton, Byron and Socrates.  It’s got to be your boobs.  In which case your affair is doomed and enjoy the gifts, the secret meetings and a glimpse into the world that you can never be a part of.

What if you were born just one level below aristocracy? Imagine you are from the world of minor aristocracy.  That yuppie slone ranger world - that was easy to recognize in the 80’s.  You were the girl who wore pressed shirts, pearl chokers, an animal skin headband and, to finish it all off – a hair band.  Could you be elevated to marry a prince?  Fergie was, so I’d have to say you have every chance of taking a step up the class ladder.  You could probably be integrated quite well.  You could get away with your loud laugh and lack of couture.

However, if you have fallen for a slone ranger of the minor aristocracy and you are only a class below. It probably won’t work. Why?  Your MA (minor aristocrat) is hoping to meet and marry someone who is an aristocrat or get as close to that world as possible. 

OK you speak posh.  OK you went to the right schools. OK you have a good job but are you a woman of the masses? Are you part of a herd crowd? Are you able to be liked by his highly critical friends? They are not only posh; unlike you they are also snobs.

I know of only one union when a MA lowered himself to marry a girl below his station.  We never thought he would. She had so much against her. She was Asian for god sake! Even though she had gone to a good school and spoke well, men like him only had Asians as servants. Having passed out of Sandhurst it would be unlikely, nay impossible for him to consider anyone other than the childhood sweetheart his parents approved of.  But he married the Asian girl and she assimilated herself into his world. She wore the right clothes, behaved in the right way and thirty years on speaks with plums in her mouth.  She has become part of the MA. Kudos to her. Kudos to him.

I know you think the world today has crossed boundaries not walked before. After all we have newsreaders that speak with a slight Birmingham twang.  We have television presenters who (amazingly) don’t disguise their Geordie accent. Drama Schools no longer require you to leave there with RP (received pronunciation) voice.  What is the world coming to? Hopefully a better place for the class system and love.

We know it’s every girls dream to meet and marry a Prince; or someone close to that romantic world but it is not every man’s wish to meet and marry a showgirl. Therefore take a hankie (not paper towels (that would show your class)) with you on your dates because it is likely you will be crying into it tears of sorrow rather than of joy.

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