Monday, January 13, 2014


I know many women who wish to come back as a man in their next life, but no men who wish to come back as women. This means they know how hard a woman’s life is. So why are they often insensitive, unsympathetic and disinterested?

What does a man fear? Not getting wood about covers it. And when that happens (from time to time) there is an understanding woman who tells them not to worry and that she quite appreciates how all the stress/drinks/sports disasters have crippled him.
Then there are back up plans, just in case the woman isn’t impressed because it’s happened just a tad too often….no….you men can rely on pharmaceutical  companies to come to your aid with Viagra.
If by chance, the man is having difficulties reaching his climax we women work really hard to make sure he gets one. Do the men do the same? Not often it has to be said.
The list of women’s fears is fairly comprehensive since we think consecutively on more than one subject. Our bodies not only fool you men but they have us stomped too.
Periods we can avoid (apart from pregnancy and menopause) but no pharmaceutical company bothered to inform us how. For example if you took the contraceptive pill without a break you can escape periods, period.
Chemists (all men, or women who wish to be men) think women would miss their periods; so no one has marketed a continuous pill, with back-up hormones. Why back-up hormones? To avoid us living out our premenstrual desires; which we would then have a chance to reminisce about whilst incarcerated in Holloway prison! I seriously don’t think there is a woman out there who would miss having her period, (unless she is having an unwanted pregnancy, or the menopause). 
We have so much to worry about: pregnancy, periods, thrush and fickle men. And all men have to worry about is getting wood. Wouldn’t I just love to only have a wood problem? Woodn’t you

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