Sunday, April 13, 2014



You like a guy. He likes you. How do you ensure he will like you even more? How to you prove you are his perfect partner?

Reflect. Not in the thinking back kind of way but in the bounce back kind of way. In other words: mirror.

It is very simple but it will require you to ditch your personality, your likes, your wants, your needs, your loathing of sport.

Do you need to ditch everything? Oh no, pick your parameters. But not quite yet.

If his favourite colour is purple – so is yours.
If his favourite cocktail is the whore’s drink: Long Island Iced Tea (no class). So is yours.
If his favourite way to spend a holiday is trekking through the rain forest. So is yours.
Take up train-spotting if you have to (although here I’m wondering how you could fancy a man who is into that).

Do not panic. At this stage you don’t really have to do all the above. You just have to say they are what you enjoy. Avoid doing any of the above is an art in itself and quite achievable.

Later, the real you can emerge in degrees once he’s in love. He won’t remember how he actually fell in love since you won’t have done any of the above with him, only said them. All he will know is that he is in love and that you both have so much in common (later he may well question that). He will believe there is empathy but in reality it is a mirror.
Watch carefully how he reacts when he orgasms. Is he vocal? Silent? Mirror him. Kiss him back the way he kisses you.

One day you’ll tire of reflecting back. What then? Like an addict he can’t go cold turkey. He needs to be weaned off. 

What if, by chance you discover you do have so much in common? Luck? Or could it be that he is mirroring you?

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